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Every year since the year 1964, Nov 14 is celebrated as Children’s day in India. The day marks the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, fondly remembered a s Chacha  Nehru. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was India’s first commander in chief . His love for children earned him the title “Chacha Nehru”. His birth anniversary – November 14, is celebrated as Children’s Day in the country as a tribute to his contribution towards the development of the nation and his love for children. The day is celebrated across India to increase awareness of the rights, care, and education of children. On this day, chocolates and gifts are often divided among children, while schools organize different events. It is also a common practice to appropriate gifts like clothes, toys, and books to orphan children on this day. Here are some wishes, messages, quotes, images, Facebook, and WhatsApp status to share on Children’s day quotes.

The earth brings to light its stainlessness through the smiles of children’s day. A very warm wish for all the children on this special day. Happy Children’s Day!
The sweetest period of anyone’s life is their childhood. A very happy Children’s Day to all the kids in the world. Spend this day with unconditional fun!

.The most inestimable thing in this world is a smile on the face of a child. Happy Children’s Day to every kid in the world. You’re so special to us!

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Fix in the mind  your childhood days by exchanging wishes with your childhood friends, share these cards and  images  with your children on their special day
Happy Children’s Day!

Every child comes with the message that God is not yet down in the mouth  of man.

Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever-fresh and  glorious practicability.

We cannot fashion our children after our desires, we must have them and love them as God has given them to us.

he soul is healed by being with children.

There can be no bemoaner  the divination  of a society’s soul than how it treats its children.

A child can ask a thousand questions that the wisest man cannot answer.

Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an consequence.

Rom a child we learn  amusement , laughing and playing. Let us continue to celebrate the day of children. Happy children’s Day!

Children are the gift of God to us. Happy Children’s Day!

Wishing Happy Children’ s day to the child within all of us. Happy Children’s Day to all!

May the  stainlessness of your child’s heart never . Happy Children Day!

From a child, we must learn to be happy for no reason. Happy Children Day!

One hour with a child will teach you a natural life  worth of joy and innocence. Happy Children’s Day!

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Teach the children’s how to think rather than what to think demureness. The way you are going to implant the seeds it’s going to bloom in that way. So, be kind towards the kids. Happy Children’s Day.

On this very special day, let us all celebrate the innocence and immaculateness  of our kids. Let them feel precious in every way that we can because they are our future. Happy Children’s Day!

Without children, the world would be unprovided with of sunshine, look down on , and love. That’s why I believe children are the most precious creation in the world. We should protect, guide and love them with all our might, for they are our greatest treasures. Happy Children’s Day!

0. If money could buy happiness, everyone would go back to their childhood with all the money they have. Childhood is wonderful  like every child is. Happy Children’s Day!

Every time a child is saved from the dark side of life, every time one of us makes the effort to make a difference in a child’s life, we add light and invigorating to our own lives.

Our children are our greatest apple of one’s eye. They are our future. Those who abuse them tear at the texture  of our society and weaken our nation.

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A child can always teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to be always busy with something and know how to imposition  with all his might what you want.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be aforethought by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow .tols, politeness and other educational institutions celebrate his birth anniversary by organizing cultural events, plays, fancy dress competitions, debates, speeches and other quiz competitions in order to spread awareness among children. Instead of declaring this day as a holiday, the day is marked by celebrations and a commemoration of the historical aspect of the nation. In addition to that, the life and times of Nehru are discussed and displayed in the form of plays, skits or shotgun. The day is also a reminder about how every child in the country, whether rich or poor,  get what is coming to one  a good present so that the future can be as bright as they wish it to be. Basic facilities and human rights including healthcare, education and sanitation are must haves for children of all age groups and protection from corrupt activities like child  labour, human trafficking and sexual abuse is equally important to be beyond doubt for them.

On the occurrence of Children’s Day, here are some quotes, wishes and messages for you that can be used to convey your heart’s  ravenousness  to your near and dear ones.

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Happy Children’s Day to the child that lives within all of us!

· Happiness, blithe ignorance, joy, glee, innocence and love- this is all that children are about. I hope that your life is filled with all of these in abundance. A very Happy Children’s Day to you!

· Spend the day with your little friends; you might end up learning something! Happy Children’s Day to you!

· Children are the best learners, for no one’s perspective is as fresh as theirs. Happy Children’s Day!

· On this Children’s Day, let us come together to make the world a safer space for children, a more beautiful world for everyone . Happy Children’s Day to you!

· Every child is unique in its own way; never ruin that by comparing two children. Happy Children’s Day!

· May all qualities of childhood that you left behind while growing up come back to you and stay with you throughout life! Happy Children’s Day to you!

· Let us bear in mind : One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.

· Old men can make war, but it is children who will make history.

· Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to impersonate them.- James Baldwin

· Children are not things to be rutte  but are people to be unfolded.

· There can be no repiner  revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.

· I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it.- Truman

· If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.



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